A tyre that seals itself.
DelcoSeal® is a high-quality sealant that eliminates blowouts, punctures, flats and inconsistent tyre pressure. Its liquid composition and constant movement, combined with high-pressure atmosphere, a puncture is sealed immediately. A perfect solution.
Its benefits
  • safe and easy to use
  • water-based and thus harmless
  • eliminates machinery downtime and tyre replacement
  • DelcoSeal® can be re-used
*DelcoSeal® is available in 5l, 25l and 100l containers.Contact us
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A tyre that doesn't run flat.

Flatproof your profits against rising operating costs
Soft-Fill® is a polyurethane with which a tyre is filled completely. The substance is being pumped into the tyre at HBI Tyres & Wheels. Contrary to solid tyres, Soft-Fill® tyres remain flexible.
Why Soft-Fill®?
  • Cost-efficient
  • Safe and improves stability
  • reduces centre of gravity
  • a flat tyre - a thing of the past
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Standard, or customized.

Standard rims are now available for all HBI tyre dimensions, directly available from stock. Rims are being customized in our welding section.
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