Bandenmarkt® Excavator Tyres

HBI Tyres & Wheels – Being able to do versatile jobs is usually good for contracting business – and excavating is no exception. The contractors everywhere have noticed that with the Bandenmarkt® Excavator Tyres, the capabilities of their wheeled excavator and the performance of tyres compared to dual wheels have increased substantially. Also backhoe loaders perform their best with a versatile set of tyres. Now the Bandenmarkt® Excavator Tyre range is extended with three new sizes to bring grip and stability to the reach of more contractors!



Bandenmarkt® Excavator is an excellent all-round tyre for many kinds of jobs, enabling them to do more with their excavator

Wheeled excavators with single-wheel configuration have some advantages over their dual-wheeled counterparts, such as being gentler to the soil and not having rocks stuck between the tyres. The Bandenmarkt® Excavator Tyre range has proven its worth on soft soil, where its performance is superior to more narrow dual wheels. Some contractors have even reported that they are now able to work on soils the previously have required a tracked excavator. ”A high utilization rate helps the contractors get the most out of their machine investment”

Long service life Excavator Tyres

An excavator tyre must endure on many different surfaces, including road transits. With its large footprint and sturdy rubber, Bandenmarkt® Excavator Tyre wears very slowly and evenly.
The tyre is steel fortified against cuts and cracks, and unlike with dual tyres, the rocks can’t wedge between them.



Complete wheel expertise for Excavators

Working hand in hand with the tyres, the wheels play an important role in smooth excavating work as well. HBI Tyres & Wheels produces also high-quality wheels, providing many machine manufacturers with perfectly matched complete wheel sets. “Having the wheel and tyre both optimized for the intended use guarantees seamless working”

“For example, our wheels have a unique re-enforced structure that supports the tyres in a best possible way.” We also produce custom-made rims in collaboration with our customers or machine builders.



Now the Bandenmarkt® Excavator Tyre range is extended with three new sizes to bring grip and stability to the reach of more contractors!

Available in 4 sizes! Which size you need?

  • Bandenmarkt® Excavator 245/70R19.5
  • Bandenmarkt® Excavator 275/70R22.5
  • Bandenmarkt® Excavator 315/70R22.5
  • Bandenmarkt® Excavator 315/80R22.5

Advanced Technology

HBI Tyres & Wheels is the pioneer and market leader of innovative tyre solutions for mobile excavators. These tyres have been developed to improve the performance of the machine significantly in the fields of:

  • Better stability
  • Lower ground pressure
  • Better grip on all working surfaces
  • Better drive comfort
  • Efficiency because of no need to settle stabilizers (or in a later stadium)
  • Clean driving (no spacer between tyres preventing dirt coming in between