Komatsu chooses for Bandenmarkt® Tyres

Komatsu chooses for Bandenmarkt® Tyres

This Komatsu PW160 excavator with ultra-wide tyres ensures perfect ground protection – sturdy even with heavy loads – is cost-effective thanks to low power consumption and offers a broad range of applications as well as all-round visibility. These tyres have no spacer between tyres preventing dirt coming in between!

Being able to do versatile jobs is usually good for contracting business – and excavating is no exception. The contractors everywhere have noticed that with the Bandenmarkt® Grader Tyres, the capabilities of their wheeled excavator and the performance of tyres compared to dual wheels have increased substantially.

Wheeled Bandenmarkt® Excavator Tyres – Komatsu PW160

Versatile, compact and powerful

Ideal on job sites with limited space or in urban areas, the PW160-11 wheeled excavator is a versatile tool, packed with new features.

Joystick steering, an integrated system for controlling tools and the factory-installed quick couplers also boost performance and efficiency.

Bandenmarkt® Grader Tyres

Along with its compact size, the PW160-11 features an unrivalled lifting performance. The combination of power, weight distribution, convenient dimensions and complete control makes it the top choice for heavyduty lifting applications, simple excavating tasks in narrow alleys, and for road and sewer construction sites.

Komatsu Excavator Tyres from HBI Tyres & Wheels

Used in a variety of industrial fields, wheel excavators are heavy equipment performing numerous digging operations in various environments. Considering the variety of applications, Our R&D department have engineered a set of specialized tyres for wheel dozers that would guarantee exceptional performance of these heavy machines anytime and anywhere. Thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies, Bandenmarkt® Tyres for wheel excavators feature highest quality available on the market. Choosing Bandenmarkt® Tyres for wheel excavators means choosing maximum stability, exceptional precision and highest reliability, even while working under the most demanding environmental conditions. 

Bandenmarkt® Tyres for wheel excavators

Bandenmarkt® Tyres for wheel excavators also ensure maximum comfort for the operator, even while working under the toughest conditions. Thanks to their improved tread design, all noises or vibrations are efficiently absorbed at any time.

Bandenmarkt® Tyres for wheel excavators

If you are looking for a highly efficient, reliable and durable set of tyres for wheel excavators, then HBI Tyres & Wheels are your best choice on the market. Bandenmarkt® Tyres for wheel excavators guarantee highest performance at any time, even under the most challenging working conditions.

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