Wheeled Excavator Tyres Delcora® SGX-1

Wheeled excavators are an essential piece of equipment in many industries. These machines are built for a variety of tasks, such as digging, grading, and excavating. HBI Tyres & Wheels offers a variety of wheeled excavator tyres which are perfectly equipped for these purposes. Like all heavy equipment, wheeled excavators require high quality tyres to […]

Excellent road handling with Delcora® Transagro

Today’s agricultural and contracting work is a specialist job that calls for specialist tools.The only connection between your machinery and various terrains are the tyres! The heavy machines and loads require tyres that have good load-bearing properties and function reliably. DELCORA® TYRES KEEPS ON ROLLING The heavy machines and loads require tyres that have good […]

Delcora® Tyres changes the agricultural industry

Delcora® Tyres changes the agricultural industry A right set of agricultural tyres can make all the difference in your productivity. We have developed a new range of Delcora® tyres for agricultural machines, mixer feeders, balewagons, fruit cultivation and forestry trailers. Meet our new Delcora FLG-1 & AWT-1 tyres! Ever heavier, faster and more effective machinery […]

Our brand new Delcora® GSP 24R20.5 tyre!

Delivery from stock! Our brand new Delcora® GSP 24R20.5 tyre! These tyres have an extreme high load capacity! – 0 km/u 17.300 Kg– 10 km/u 12.400 Kg– 25 km/u 9.350 Kg– 40 km/u 7.950 Kg– 65 km/u 7.400 Kg Specifications – Enhanced durability– Use for agricultural dumpers, tanks and trailers– Retreadable through HBI – Bandenmarkt® […]

6 good reasons to become a dealer of HBI Tyres & Wheels!

With our brands Delcora® and Bandenmarkt®, we deliver solutions for rolling equipment all over the world. To meet the highest standards, we are committed to the ongoing development of new products. Our quality is guaranteed by ISO-9001 certification. HBI has been a manufacturer of tyres and rims for agricultural and earthmoving machines and other industrial […]

The perfect dual assembly tyres for your Excavator

Bandenmarkt® Excavator Tyres HBI Tyres & Wheels – Being able to do versatile jobs is usually good for contracting business – and excavating is no exception. The contractors everywhere have noticed that with the Bandenmarkt® Excavator Tyres, the capabilities of their wheeled excavator and the performance of tyres compared to dual wheels have increased substantially. […]

Excellent Traction in Forestry Use

The wide, high bars of the Delcora® FG ensure good moving properties and driving comfort in varying harvesting tasks. The bar angle and sharp shoulder ensure excellent lateral grip. Delcora® FG is forestry machine traction tire with a strong traction bar and excellent cleaning properties.  Efficient travel over difficult terrain Delcora® FG features a tread […]

The best solution for your mixer feeder!

Our Delcora® GSP 30×11.5-14.5 (305/60-14.5) Tyres are the best solution for your mixer feeder! Delcora® mixer feeder tyres are designed in The Netherlands by our R&D department in close cooperation with our customers. Thanks to our flexibility we offer the possibility to develop tyres for your specifically application. 3D technology supports us indesigning the most […]