Save money! Make the switch to retreaded tyres.

We have retreaded tyres forall kinds of agricultural machinery Retreads are better on your budget They’re better for the environment And they’re better for your business Retreading = Recycling Save up to 40% Retreading helps to protect the environment Up to 70% reduction of oil consumption Up to 80% reduction of chemical consumption Less consumption […]

Move forward! Our new Delcora® YPX-1

With the new YPX-1 a perfect balance has been created between traction and ground-care. It’s unique tread design offers new possibilities and enlarges the all-round usability of your equipment. The new YPX-1 offers the solution you have been looking for: “Best of both worlds” A tyre designed for grass & ground surfaces!

Radial Flotation Tyres for Agricultural Machinery

Advance AR833 is a flotation tyre suitable for balers, agricultural trailers, manure spreaders and heavy seed drills. The tyre features good traction on all types of ground and excellent self cleaning properties. The low soil compaction protects the soil. – Steel Belted– Perfect Load Distribution– High wear and puncture resistant– Large contact area ensures low […]

ALL-STEEL-RADIAL Tyres for agricultural machinery

Delcora® agricultural tyres have been developed for maximum performance. Today’s agriculture and livestock farming demand tyres that contribute to increasing your yield. Delcora® has a large assortment for both arable and livestock farming. When it comes to maximum traction with minimal soil pressure in combination with a long life span and economical purchase price, Delcora® […]

Ready for Winter? 20.5R25 SNOW TYRES

The Bandenmarkt® Snow is designed for use on loaders and graders running on slippery surfaces, such as mud and snow, where optimized traction is required. Its unique winter compound vouches for excellent traction in mud and on snow and ice. Its zigzag tread pattern design offers favourable skid-resistance. The open tread pattern in the shoulder […]

Professional hot-cure on your own casing

24R20.5 GSP Retreaded Tyre Over the years, HBI has developed an extensive range of tyres for agricultural machinery.The first tyres developed under the Bandenmarkt® brand were agricultural tyres. The realisation that retreading tyres was a sensible and logical step was immediately apparent. In 1981, we started renewing tyres under the name Bandenmarkt® for the agriculture, […]

Flexibility is your telehandler’s key advantage.

Your machine should be able to do its job on various surfaces.Bandenmarkt® telehandler wheels bring you and your machine where you need to be. When lifting, Bandenmarkt® provides the stability you need to place your load exactly where you want it. The long life of Bandenmarkt® tyres gives your machine the efficiency and reliability you […]